Sports Team Lanyards

My college football sports team lanyards have become a big hit over the years! I started out designing and creating Alabama and Auburn beaded lanyards, as those two teams were, and still are, the most popular where I live. I have sold several of these lanyards at local craft shows that I have participated in. Since these two college football teams are so popular here where I live in Alabama, I figured that I should just go ahead and make beaded lanyards for any and every college football team around the US. Initially, I would just make the beaded lanyards in team colors, and then find and purchase the fabric badge reels from other Etsy sellers. But I have since learned how to make my own badge reels and so I have been purchasing cotton fabric in any college football team I can find! Here are just a few that I have made over the past few months…


    1. Hi Lynn,
      I know we have already discussed and this has been resolved, but I am responding for any other of my blog readers who may see your question. The last (5th) picture in each of my sports team lanyard listings on Etsy reveals the ID badge reel options I have available, so please select the badge reel number you prefer.
      Thanks for your question.

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